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For Youth Workers

Welcome Youth Pastors and Youth Workers!


   I have been a youth pastor (for a decade) and volunteer youth worker, I know the delicate balance of ministering to other people’s teenage children. Now that I am a parent of two teens involved in a church youth ministry I understand the parent’s perspective as well. Hopefully, I will be able to share some things with you that are of use in your ministry, particularly in the area of Christianity, pop culture, and some of the controversies that arise.


MySpace and Christian MySpace Alternatives for Teens and their Parents:

            My new book MySpace for Moms and Dads (March 2007) is an excellent tool you can use to help parents navigate the emerging technology while making sure their teens are safe. This also gives you a chance to connect with parents of teens, while encouraging them to connect with their teenage son or daughter. Consider starting a parents group using the book, which includes a list of Christian MySpace alternative sites.


Helping You Handle Harry Potter in a Biblical Way

  I am especially sensitive to the precarious position you are in when dealing with such controversial and spiritually important topics as those related to Harry Potter. Therefore, I recommend the following articles and materials to help you as best I can:

YouthWorker Journal Article: Is Harry Potter the New ‘Peace Child’ which deals with using Harry Potter in cross-cultural ministry to the youth culture.

Caught in the Middle with Harry Potter (first published in The Children’s Pastor)

Harry Potter and the Disputable Matter: An Interview by Anne Morse for BreakPoint 

How to Handle Harry Potter -- for fans and foes (first published in Today’s Christian Woman)