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What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter?
Harry Potter Movie Guide

While most kids will see the Harry Potter story as clearly make-believe (flying motorcycles, dragon eggs incubating in the fireplace, phoenix feathers in every wand, etc.)  you need to make sure you communicate that you are not endorsing real-world occult practices. 

 Therefore, go over the following with your children, so they know that some of the things they see used on both sides -- good and evil -- at Hogwarts, are not to be toyed with in our world. The easiest way to explain this to a child who already knows the Harry Potter story is to say, “In our world, the Bible says that all witchcraft would equal the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. 

 Getting involved in any form of witchcraft or other practices the Bible forbids would be like opening yourself up to Voldemort.”

Make Sure Your Kids Know What the Bible Forbids in Our World

 Below is a basic checklist against occult practices from Deuteronomy 18:9-14. If you need help explaining these to your children, you will find help in “What’s a Christian to Do with Harry Potter?” Chapter Seven, Protecting Kids from Real-World Occult Practices, is written in kidspeak, to be read aloud by a parent to a child.

· No human sacrifice -- hopefully not an issue!
· No practicing divination (any attempt to get guidance or foretell the future from any supernatural source other than God). This includes astrology and horoscopes.
· No sorcery (using magic powers)
· No interpreting omens (trying to discover hidden knowledge through signs or superstition like reading tea leaves, or -- in Bible times -- the liver or entrails of animals.
· No casting spells
· No consulting or being a medium or spiritist (those who contact spirits and allow the spirits to communicate through them)
· No trying to consult the dead
· No engaging in witchcraft (appealing to occult powers -- any supernatural power or spirit other than God, the Holy Spirit) Witchcraft is also associated with the use of drugs, incantations, spells, potions, charms, amulets and so on, to experience something supernatural or to ward off evil spirits. Known today as Wicca, modern-day witchcraft is a pagan religion in which nature and goddesses are worshiped.