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Whether you’re curious about MySpace and social networking, seeking a book to inspire you and help your family, looking for insight on Christian responses to Harry Potter, or scouting out an excellent speaker for your event, I’m here to help.  Please browse the appropriate pages from the menu at the left or check out one of my books from the covers along the right margin.

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Just when I thought Harry Potter season was over. . .

Just when I thought Harry Potter season was over, came the chance of a lifetime (for me). After several years of prayer and pestering Ms. Rowling's US publisher, I was allowed to meet her at a Los Angeles press conference representing Christianity Today. I was allowed to ask a question. Sitting front and center, I asked a question about Albus Dumbledore's eternal condition (related to how we see his grief and guilt expressed in the King's Cross chapter). I was happy to be reassured that Dumbledore will indeed rest in peace. After my one allotted question, several other reporters asked about her use of Scripture (Matthew 6:21 and 1 Corinthians 15:26) and the apparent Christian themes in the series. Below are two UK newspaper articles that report on this.

'Use Harry Potter to spread Christian message'
By staff and agencies The Telegraph.co.uk October 20, 2007

J K Rowling: 'Christianity inspired Harry Potter'
The Telegraph.co.uk October 20, 2007


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