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MySpace for Moms and Dads by Connie Neal

Book Cover - MySpace for Moms and Dads by Connie Neal

MYSPACE FOR MOMS AND DADS by Connie Neal (Zondervan, March 2007)  Buy at Amazon.com


If youíre a parent, you canít ignore MySpaceóbut you donít have to be intimidated by it. This simple, step-by-step exploration of what MySpace means in YOUR teenís life helps even computer-challenged parents understand this communication revolution and make informed, confident decisions about their teenagerís use of MySpace.


Moms and dadsóhere it is at last! A quick, sweeping overview of MySpace: what it is, how it works, and why it is so important to your teen. Youíll find out how to work through important issues with your teen in a way that strengthens your relationship and helps resolve conflicts over social networking.


Whether youíre computer-illiterate or a seasoned Web-surfer, MySpace for Moms and Dads will help you understand the social networking revolution and equip you to make smart, confident decisions about your sonís or daughterís use of MySpace and sites like it.


Learn how to minimize the risks of MySpace and bring out its benefits and positive possibilities. You can help ensure that your teen uses MySpace safely, but you can also use MySpace yourself to gain a virtual window into your sonís or daughterís real world. Find out how to tailor your teenís use of MySpace to his or her present maturity levelóand deepen your appreciation of the unique individual your teen is in the bargain.


Includes ● complete glossary ● discussion starters ● fun quizzes ● negotiation helps for you and your teen ● resources with complete contact information including non-web and web addresses.


CONNIE NEAL is an expert on the intersection of parenting and pop culture. A parent of two teenagers and one college student, she also has a decade of experience as a church youth worker and BA in communication from Pepperdine University. Connie has authored dozens of books including Whatís a Christian to Do with Harry Potter? featured in Newsweek and The Gospel According to Harry Potter featured in Time, Christianity Today, and Entertainment Weekly. Neal lives near Sacramento, California.

MySpace for Moms and Dads: Read a Sample and see Table of Contents (PDF)


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