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What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter?
Christian Parent's Movie Discussion Guide 

BEFORE YOU SEE THE MOVIE: If your kids are going to see the movie, or already have, make sure you help them distinguish between the fantasy world of Hogwarts and our real world. Here is a list of things related to witchcraft in our real-world that God forbids. Go over it with your kids to help protect them.  Click

Christian Parents MOVIE DISCUSSION GUIDE: Those who accept the Harry Potter story as a fantasy story, and have warned their kids against real-world occult practices, can gain much by discussion the good lessons in the story and connecting them with Bible teachings. This discussion guide will help you get started. Click

Many Christians have decided not to go see the Harry Potter movie or read the books as a matter of conscience. Other Christians should respect this and support them in their decision. If you're not going to participate in Harry Potter, you'll need to discuss this with your children and may want some alternative stories and resources. This may help: Click