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What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter?
Table of Contents

Harry Potter is Here... and He's Not Going Away!
Prepare for the Cultural and Spiritual Impact

Mad About Harry!
Controversy in the Christian Community
Hear voices from both sides of the debate in their own words. What do the Harry Potter stories actually say about witchcraft and wizardry? Well, that depends. Is it possible that opposing answers to an important question can be equally valid and biblically viable?

Harry Potter 101
What Are the Stories All About, Anyway?
Learn to tell a Gryffindor from a Slytherin, why a Snitch is good, how to pronounce Hermione, and other must-know details about the books.

Classic Fantasy or Blatant Witchcraft?
Why Christians Categorize These Books As We Do
Get a glimpse inside the minds of fans and foes, and consider why in the world it's relevant whether the stories qualify as classic fantasy literature.

Why Kids (and Kids at Heart) Love Harry
How These Stories Meet Specific Heartfelt Needs
Some say kids are mesmerized, bewitched, or held spellbound by Harry Potter. But there are some purely down-to-earth reasons these stories are so popular, especially with kids. Understanding these gives us important insight into kids' hearts, minds, and needs.
Special! Read Chapter Four.

What Would Jesus Do with Harry Potter?
Decide for Yourself
WWJD? is a personal question, and each one of us needs to be fully convinced in his or her own mind about Harry Potter. Learn biblical principles that apply to such disputable matters where spiritual and cultural issues overlap.

Beware the Dangers of the Debate
Subtle Snares that All Christians Need to Avoid
In our zeal against sorcery, some of us are falling into subtle snares and outright sin. Check to make sure you are not. Learn how to find common ground in Christ.

Protecting Kids from Real-World Occult
Vital Information and Instruction Kids Need to Stay Safe
Regardless of our stance on Harry Potter, kids need this basic training in spiritual warfare. Written in kid-speak, this chapter will help you explain the truth about the occult and why we need to heed God's warnings.

Be in the World but Not of the World
Engaging in Our Culture Without Disobeying God
Equip kids with spiritual armor so they can go into all the world protected from the occult influences in popular culture. The prophet Daniel is our role model.

Harry Potter and the Judeo-Christian Ethic
Do Rowling's Books Really Promote Secularism
and Worldly Values?
Can Harry Potter and his friends be good role models for Christian kids? How do they measure up scripturally?

Use Harry Potter to Help Kids Grow in Goodness
An Important Scriptural Pattern of Moral Development
Discover a surprising gem of Bible truth hidden in Harry Potter that can keep youth on the right path through adolescence and beyond.

Using Harry Potter to Preach the Gospel
Turning Stories into Evangelistic Tools
Learn how to use Harry's story to preach the gospel in a relevant way. Explore ministry ideas for tapping into popular culture while advancing God's kingdom.