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Excellent (Unsolicited) Review of The Gospel according to Harry Potter posted on Amazon.com
The Deathly Hallows makes it very clear!, July 31, 2007
By Charles D. Wood (Seneca, SC USA)
Connie Neal's book was written before the last book of the Harry Potter series. She can easily and confidently update it now that the series is finished and the truth is even more obvious.I was skeptical about a Gospel connection since I had given credence to the bad press on J.K. Rowling's use of witchcraft before I actually read the series. (I am very ashamed of that now.) I did not comprehend her clever symbolism until I read the last three chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a second time; that's when it hit me squarely between the eyes that Rowling did plow a road into the pagan world that any thinking Christian should be able to use.

Connie Neal caught on quickly to what should have been obvious to the careful reader. The compelling world of Harry Potter did not make paganism and Satanism attractive at all, but she used some of their terminology without any real promotion of real Wiccan style of witchcraft. Rowling's witchcraft was her magic quill and amazing compelling storytelling craft. The parallels to paganism are themselves symbolic of fallen world and so Hogwarts School and the Muggles are various levels of philosophy and logical reasoning. I am afraid that most of us are in the lowest "Muggle" level. (I was more than most)

I am now praising God for J.K. Rowling's genius and am so impressed with how she probably outdid C.S. Lewis and Tolkein both. That is hard for me to say because I have been such a fan of these great Christian thinkers and authors ever since I discovered them as a child. I did not fully understand what their stories were really about until later. I wish somebody would have told me the Gospel when I was a child, it would have been easy for them to use The Lord of the Rings as a vehicle to explain the sacrifice of Christ for the people that He created since I knew there must be something deep and profound about The Lord of the Rings, I just couldn't make the connection for myself until later. I discovered Narnia later and Lewis's "magic" was even clearer to my mind than Tolkein's. (I understood because I had become a believer by that time.)

Not only did J. K. Rowling give us an important tool to reveal the Gospel truth, she taught me to not give up on those who need the Gospel most, those who are looking desperately for some sort of "magic" to help them have power over the madness and ugliness that is stealing hope from the dying world. Evil has been vanquished by the ultimate "Deathly Hallows" of the cross of Christ, now we must get the truth to those who haven't understood 1 Corinthians 15:26 quoted by Rowling that "the last enemy to be destroyed is death." Harry faced the question skeptically at first in symbolism, but his eventual personal discovery has given the neediest in the world the heads up that maybe death and suffering are considered an "enemy" by God. Jesus Christ did in reality what couldn't even be conceived or believed by an uncomprehending, lost world! I also love the way that Harry discovered his treasure and his love was so much with his friends that he was willing to give his life to save them. (I risk giving away too much for those who haven't yet read the Harry Potter series.) Don't be afraid of what you don't know yet.

I plan on helping people who do not know that evil, death and despair have been destroyed in reality. The law of God and the mercy of a loving Savior are still yet to be discovered, but they are well acquainted with Harry Potter's world. It is no great leap now that the light has shone even deeper into the abysmal darkness of the pagan world thanks to J. K. Rowling and people like Connie Neal who have the vision to see and clarify the lost world's obstructed view.


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