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Connie Neal

“The MySpace Mom”

             Most parents of teens cringe when they hear the word MySpace. Not Connie Neal, author of MySpace for Moms and Dads: A Guide to Understanding the Risks and the Rewards (Zondervan, 2007). Upon recognizing parents’ urgent need-to-know about MySpace, Neal is setting out to help fill that need by speaking for parents groups at churches, libraries, schools, conferences, wherever parents will gather.

 Connie Neal encourages, educates, & empowers every mom or dad to become the “Chief Safety Officer” for their own teens.

Are there parents in your midst who could benefit from learning about MySpace and the social networking revolution?

Would you like to help them protect their family and benefit by learning to use this technology for good instead of cowering in fear?

Book Connie Neal to speak at your church, school, workplace or organization as she travels the country this summer.

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“The MySpace Mom”


 Now booking! Email: [email protected]

 Your audience will learn:

·        What MySpace and online social networking is

·        Why teens LOVE it and seem to need it so

·        Why it is not going to go away and is more than a fad

·        Whose responsibility it is to protect our kids / teens

·        How to best make sure your teen is progressing safely in the midst of the social networking revolution

Honorarium: $ 500.00 per presentation + travel and lodging (discounts available for multiple talks).

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